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Picture courtesy of Mary-Beth Laviolette
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Annora Brown

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Digitized photographs of 260 Annora Brown paintings in the Glenbow Museum (wild flowers, Blackfoot culture & art, landscapes in the Oldman and Waterton River drainage area) can be viewed at:
Mountain Shooting Star 58.45.23 - Collection of Glenbow
Used with permission of Annora Brown Estate
Date: Unknown
Medium: Unknown
Source: Unknown

“If you want to be poetic you could say that they (grain elevators) are the vaults that hold the gold from the fields”. Another work, likely from the 1950’s, when the artist experimented with fractured planes to emphasize the intense shifting light of southern Alberta. She also focused on the geometry and patterns present in the landscape. This approach may have been influence by Annora’s trip to England and France in 1951 where she saw many examples of modern art.

Used with permission of Annora Brown Estate