As a student working in Waterton in the late 1950’s, I saw Annora Brown’s paintings and I was smitten. They were about us and about the raw beauty of our landscape. As a single professional woman from a small prairie town, I identified with this woman who gave so much of herself to her art, to her community, and to posterity. But when I discovered 260 of her paintings were stored in the Glenbow Archives and both of her books were out of print, my heart sank. Could I do something to fan the embers of this story back to life?

Our goal is to preserve and record the life and achievements of Ms. Brown. If you have any information, know where we can locate private / public paintings, would like to send us copies of books or you are willing to donate to help with costs for acquiring / re-matting paintings and prints etc., please contact us at
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Picture courtesy of Mary-Beth Laviolette
Annora Brown Artist
Annora Brown: Handicraft & Art – Joyce Sasse
Annora Brown: Conservation Through Art
That Annora Brown received an honourary membership from the Canadian Handicraft Guild is no mere footnote to her story. It indicated a major life-long passion.


Annora Brown

Mountain Shooting Star 58.45.23 - Collection of Glenbow
Used with permission of Annora Brown Estate
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Digitized photographs of 260 Annora Brown paintings in the Glenbow Museum (wild flowers, Blackfoot culture & art, landscapes in the Oldman and Waterton River drainage area) can be viewed at:
Daughter of the Prairies - Gallery Exhibit at Galt Museum, Lethbridge, Summer of 2016 - Curated by Mary-Beth Laviolette
Annora Brown is one of Alberta’s foremost early artists. Based for much of her life in historic Fort Macleod, Brown played a major role in creating a ‘picture’ of southern Alberta: its wild landscape, First Nations, pioneer rural communities, local history – above all its wondrous nature symbolized by the wildflower. It was her home and she came to know it well.

Article in Queen's Quarterly, 124/2 (Summer 2017) - Mieke Rodenburg
The Glenbow Museum’s collection of Annora Brown
paintings reveals an uncanny marriage of scientific
accuracy and emotional resonance. Sixty years ago,
an extraordinary artist began a project that would
become much more than simply a record of Alberta flora.

Annora Brown of Fort Macleod - J. Doris Hunt
Annora Brown was born in southern Alberta in 7899. Her
deep love for the prairie landscape, her interest in the culture of the Plains Indian and her passion for the wildflowers of the Canadian West have dominated her paintings, ink drawings and writing for over 60 years.

Annora Brown Publication Announcements - Fort Macleod Gazette
Annora Brown's latest publication reviewed, Autograph parties, exhibits celebrate publication event and Congratulatory telegram.

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Annora's Stories of Waterton
As told by her in “Sketches from Life”
Cameron Lake Memory

“These halcyon days (in Waterton) were all so similar in mood that the account of one day can be made to represent them all. We left our camp early one morning to spend the day on Cameron Lake. As I drove up the narrow winding road that clung to the mountain side, I kept my eyes peeled for unusual flowers, arrangements of flower-and-rock, or patterns of mountain peaks … After a long row (with a friend) to the far end of the lake we arrived just as the fish were biting.